Andrea, Seattle Washington

Hi Daniel,

I recently purchased the Mandaluna bag at the Fremont Market last weekend. (You may remember me I am the yoga teacher) I just wanted to say that I am SO happy that I did. I am really enjoying this satchel. I have a fondness with my bags in that I get a little attached because I want them to be a reflection of myself and want them to have a real energy to them. I have to say all my searching for that kind of bag as ended…I have really found that in your products and I am so pleased with the amount of energy, love, and craftsmanship in your products. I am your new spokeswoman!

I also wanted to purchase one more for myself for my outdoor, commuting, and travel adventures to complement the satchel I have. I really would like to purchase the Hippo Backpack in the same color and style that is on the website.

I also have some plans for a wallet for my husbands birthday in December - I'll talk to you about that later. : )

Thank you again…

Peace & Love,
Andrea, Seattle

Daniel, Kodiak Alaska

Daniel, I ran across you at a show about 10 years ago and fell in love with your work. I have been putting off buying the Saranella bag for the past ten years waiting for a time when I would get good use out of it. I also have been waiting for a job that did not have me deployed on cutters. I am being reassigned to the Coast Guard dealing with international fisheries issues. It will be a change from the uniform for two years, (suit and tie, yuck!). It will also have me commuting for the first time in 10 years to an office, not a ship. Needless to say I have been waiting for a long time to finally buy this piece of art from you. Mid May would be perfect timing. I leave Alaska, after ten years, in June.

Thank you in advance for the bag, I am very much looking forward to having it.

Warmest Regards, Daniel
Kodiak, Alaska

Nickolas, Melbourne Australia

Dear Dan Groussman

May I commend you on such craftsmanship... on such exquisite beauty that is your range of leather products and pure works of art.

I too am a traditionalist at heart, hanging dearly onto my late grandfathers Nikon FM2 35mm film camera with his singular prime lens.

I've been saving and saving and saving to travel Asia and explore the potential of my great little camera and of course the potential of myself as an aspiring cinematographer and photographer.

I came across your truly beautiful Hippo Leather Backpack displayed in mocha with roller-style silver mounts and immediately fell deep in love. It was like the kind of love you discover for the first sweetheart you could never have. I'm a struggling artist, a student and now, commencing in November-December an extremely budget conscious traveler.

Dan... I've only just been able to afford this trip overseas, and therefore this is a bag I can't purchase outright, which has left both me and my beloved Nikon camera very upset.

Is there any possibility you may have an old used one? A bag that was returned due to a defect? A backpack without the lifetime warranty?

Or can you do the most heroic thing imaginable and dramatically reduce the price for me?

I can't tell you enough how much I love your work... and as a tribute to this if I were able to have the backpack, I would use it as a true focus in my photography displaying it in all it's glory against several picturesque backdrops for the world to see just what a brilliant Leather Artisan you are.

Kindest regards
Nickolas, Melbourne, Australia

Emory, Fort Bragg

Mr. Groussman,

Today I received from my daughter - a birthday gift of your Hippo blank book. It is everything I thought it would be and more. I especially appreciate the time you took to place my initials inside the front cover.

Shannon said that you were interested in knowing how she heard about you and that perhaps I could let you know, so here's the story.

I have always been partial to quality leather products, had a fake leather journal cover which (as I suspected) did not last.

As I read through the pages, I became fascinated not only by the look of quality in your products but also by the fact that you have followed your heart and were able to make a living doing something that you love. It is refreshing to me that I see this taking place in our all too often false and corporate world.

My children are continually at a loss as to what to give me as gifts, they are always asking and since I have been fortunate and want for nothing, I just tell them to save their money, which frustrates them. To alleviate this I began keeping a list of items I might want as they came to mind. They asked about my birthday and I e-mailed them the list, your journal cover and website were at the top.

So that's how it all came to be, I want to thank you for this beautiful piece, I am very pleased to have it.

Emory, Fort Bragg, California

More Customer Comments!

Hi Dan, Maybe you remember me...... You made me full size and half size portfolios in early 2005 with your trademark pen closures on the side. I use them every day at work and while traveling. I'm rarely without one of them. I am as pleased with them as the book I purchased from you many years ago. I get lots of comments on them. Don, Whidbey Island, Washington

Hi Dan,

Just to let you know that I've had my wallet delivered this morning - it's fantastic. Many thanks for the first class service you have provided (and your understanding over my "brain stagger" when I ordered the wrong type!). Best wishes from a very windy and rainy UK, Moray, England


My husband has been a long time fan of your work. He owned a checkbook cover some years ago and has been wanting a wallet ever since. This wallet is a gift for him.


Hi Dan!

Thanks for the belt, it fits wonderfully. Thank you for getting it back in time for Christmas, I can wear it home to Chicago where I HAVE to wear heavy pants that fall without belts.



I used to live in Seattle. Unfortunately, work took me to Central Illinois. I would go down to the Fremont Market quite frequently because one of my friends was a food vendor, and consequently, fell in love with your products. I'm buying a wallet for my husband this Christmas. I know he will enjoy the wallet and am sure it will last him a long time.


Hi Dan, Thanks for all the wonderful products! As usual I love it all!

Thanks Again!

Thanks Dan, I've recommended you to a few people over the years--not sure how many have bought but they sure liked my wallets. I don't want to take credit if it's not due, but I think I was the one who initially asked you to make the checkbook size wallet you now offer. Hope it's sold well for you--I sure like mine and so does my business partner who bought one as well. Rick


I just received the bible....looks great!!!!

Thanks so much - you can just use the card on file for the $112

Thanks again for everything...I will probably be ordering another journal soon.

I hope I'm not too much of a high maintenance customer. However, if you ever need a recommendation please let me know

Thanks again
Toby, Texas

Hello Dan,

The Mandaluna Satchel is beautiful, as all of your work is. Matt will be delighted to receive it!

Thanks again!

Dear Dan, I got the satchel in today. It is wonderful. Thank you for your hard work and great quality product. Sincerely,

Tokyo, Japan

Hey Dan-

I've been a huge fan of your work for over 10 years. As a self-proclaimed leather purse fanatic, I have examined countless handmade leather bags and can honestly say that none even come close to the quality and detail that you put into all your pieces. From the folded edges to the choice of leather, each bag is a true work of art. It is obvious that each product you make is carefully constructed with respect and love for the craft.

Have a great rest of your day!
-Jodi, Colorado

Dan, The new belt is one word...perfect! Cheers, Scott

Hi Dan,

I received the passport wallet on Saturday, a nice surprise upon returning for a business trip Saturday night... AND IT LOOKS AND FITS GREAT. I could not be more pleased (again of course) at the quality and beauty. Timing is good also as i did need a larger one. Overall thanks for who you are and what you create.

Alejandro, Boise Idaho

Hi Dan. Glad to know my wallet is on its way soon. I actually first saw your products about 14 or so years ago when i was a grad student at UW. Likely at the a Summer Street Market on the Ave. I bought one for my dad 5-6 years ago ... and he loves it. At the time I had a fully functional wallet ... that lasted until this summer when i lost it while living in Shanghai. Now I finally have an excuse to get a Hippo wallet! Curious if you had an update on when my wallet would ship? My current wallet is a small ziploc bag Cheers and thanks,


Dear Mr. Groussman,

I stumbled upon your beautiful craft work at the Ore. Country Fair with my husband. He was totally taken by your work and almost bought for himself the six ring binder. It has come time for his birthday and he is really tough to buy for and it is hard to get him something truly meaningful as well. I know he would chuck his planner in a minute for one your fine pieces. I wanted to buy that day but had no way of making a purchase without Nils finding the gift.


Hi Dan,

I just wanted to let you know I received my organizer yesterday and love it. The workmanship is superb. Thank you.


Hi Dan, I am going to use the Hippo book I ordered for our family scrapbook. Pictures and text inside your beautiful craftsmanship should make for a very special package. Do you think the book will work well for a scrapbook?

Thanks for the wonderful stuff that is a part of my life. I love all my Hippo items, not many things in life just get better everyday, but everything you make does.

Talk to you soon,

Eugene, Oregon


Great to see you at the fair, my 19th in 21 years. I am very excited about having my lost journal replaced, you are such a great craftsman, and thanks for adding the “D” rings.



The satchel is wonderful! Thank you for your amazing craftsmanship. I was wondering if it has been waterproofed or if we need to do that.



I had ordered a wallet from you a few years back, and I really liked it. So I thought it might be a good time to order a new one. Your work really wears well over time. Thank you again and keep up the good work. I look forward to my new wallet!!

Thank you,